I would highly recommend the DL academy to anybody looking to improve their skills and become an overall better football player. Coach Burris has an immense knowledge of the game and understands what it takes to succeed as a player. I have learned a variety of skills which I can use to improve my game and I have also become a better athlete because of the IRONWILL program. Coach Burris’s passion and dedication towards the game continues to inspire me and I appreciate the hard work he does to see me become the best I can be. SM

This is a great DL academy program coach Burris has been building and my experience with this program has been great as it has made become a better defensive linemen with footwork and explosiveness off the ball. CM

Throughout my seven years of playing football from Atom all the way up to high school I have always had the IronWill Football to help me grow and develop as a player and person but most recently for the last 2 years of football I have done the D-Line academy with Coach Burris and his commitment to excellence is amazing, the way he pushes you towards greatness which most coaches cannot do. He brings a Do Work attitude to every session and with that attitude comes a great a positive mindset. IronWill Football Camps and the D-Line academy are two amazing programs that have excellent coaches who love to work until they see the best of there players. TA

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