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Defensive Line Academy


Coach Burris has coached and mentored defensive linemen across Alberta. He has improved players skills that will drive elite results on the football field.

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2019 Defensive Line Training Programs

Defensive Line Academy

The academy offers a small group setting (4-6 players) where players can learn and develop new defensive line skills.

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1 on 1 Private Training

In order to gain results, there is a 4 month commitment in order to be accepted into this exclusive program. 

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Result Driven Training

  • Players will improve on fundamental skills and develop advance defensive linemen skills.
  • Customized training program that targets players weakness and strengths.
  • Players will learn in full details about there specific position.
  • Players will training in a friendly atmosphere that promotes learning and builds self confidences.
  • Coaches will provide the player with the coaching attention to learn and see results. 


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